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Card Five Software

Artemis Solutions Group is an Authorized Reseller of Number Five Software.

Card Five Software
Our Discounted Price - Starting at $99.95

Card Five Software Versions

Professional software for plastic card printers. Design cards, build databases or use your own databases to print cards. Encode magnetic stripe, smartcards, proximity cards. Data entry, video and digital cameras direct acquisition to card or database, selective print by queries or multiple selections.

Use your data to print text, barcode or encode it on a card. Security features, overlay management and much more.

Design your world in a Card! The leader in Card design software, Cardfive is powerful but yet very easy to setup and use.

With all the features needed to handle cards, you have total integration environment and versatility.

With this multifunctional program you can link the design databases, encode magnetic stripe, process smart cards, create effects and manage overlay, hologram or scratch ribbon.

  • The fully integrated environment allows you to easily manage your design and printing jobs.

  • The easy database feature allows you to use as simple data entry and print software.

  • With power imaging features you can integrate any picture format from digital photo cameras, real time imaging through Video for windows, or any other images in the database.

  • Cardfive can print using DCL (Direct Command language) to the most popular card printers in the market and virtually any printer through drivers, including page printers.

  • Access security to card printing is provided via Keyfive and logins and network licenses are available for corporate solutions.

  • Cardfive is available through different Editions in order to meet users needs and budgets with the most economical version starting at UNDER $100!

  • You can order your Cardfive with Face Snap plug-in, a software that identify a face on a picture, crop the face out of the scene and improve image quality by artificial intelligence applied to computer vision.

VERSION 7.0 Released - Order yours today

Available soon, CardFive 7.0 will present a revolutionary revision of the current user interface. As a result of usability tests done by NFive, CardFive workspace and toolbars were revised and new functions tools were added in order to integrate a more funcional system.

What´s New New toolbars with new functions for object properties. The result is a set of tools per object like color, rotation, alignment, etc

New DCL´s for Evolis Quantum, Evolis Dualys, Zebra P 330i and Zebra P420i

What´s Changed Workspace Revision for a better management and user friendly integration. Major functions are now available through a simplified method, allowing a more user friendly environment. Following the principle of minimum clicks to execute an operation, toolbars will now include a more clear structure.

CardFive 7.0 is a more complete application, offering better performance and integration between design capabilities and user friendly solutions.

Upgrade from V6.0 or better FREE of charge

Card Five Software Versions


Classic Lite Plus Premier Professional Elite
Retail Price $115.00 $215.00 $695.00 $1165.00 $1745.00
Our Discounted Price $99.95 $161.25 $521.25 $873.75 $1308.75
Setup Programs on CD x x x x x
Windows Compatible x x x x x
Key Five x x x x x
Manual x x x x x
Multi-lingual versions x x x x x
WYSIWYG Multi-Document interface x x x x x
Barcodes & PDF 417 2D x x x x x
Variable objects - System sources x x x x x
Import Image from File x x x x x
Windows and private Clipboard x x x x x
Build-in Image Tools x x x x x
Twain Image acquisition interface x x x x x
Clipart x x x x x
Variable Objects- Database source   x x x x
DirectShow /Video for Windows image acquisition in       x x
Logins       x x
Front and Back printing management x x x x x
DCL´s and Windows driver printing x x x x x
Overlay management x x x x x
Batch printing x x x x x
Bitmap Overlay feature x x x x x
Autoprint       x x
Multi-station printer handling         x
NPS Compliance x x x x x
CSV Database connection   x x x x
Internal Database     x x x
External Database       x x
Database report       x x
Photo on a database record     x x x
Database query     x x x
OLE Objects     x x x
Magnetic Encoding x x x x x
Contact Smart Card Encoding x x x x x
Contactless Smart Card Encoding - Direct/External         x
Biometrics devices supported         x
FaceSnap Optional Plug-In x x x x x
Free updates from website x x x x x
Net Licenses     x x x
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