MAP - Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy
This manufacturer has a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy that we are contractually required to not advertise their product below a specific price.  This is a required contract with this supplier for us to resell their product.
There is currently no mechanism to display the correct discounted pricing legally on our website within the constraints of our agreement with this manufacturer.  Since our "Advertised Pricing" is available on our website to the general public even though our selling prices may be quite lower (much lower in most cases), we have implemented a special secure web site for viewing the ACTUAL prices that we will charge.  Once you enter this site, you are considered to be inside our "online retail store" and not on our "advertising website", therefore the agreement is upheld, but you also see the actual lower pricing.
This website is secure and requires a one-time password for you to enter our "online retail store" and view the discounted pricing schedule for these and other products.
In order to get the actual pricing, you may call one of our friendly sales associates at 1-800-519-8800 to discuss the particular make and model you are interested in acquiring or you may send an email message to requesting your username and password to enter the discounted pricing section of our websites.
I wish to personally thank you for your patience and consideration in this matter as we endeavor to uphold our contractual obligations to our suppliers and yet still attempt to provide the lowest possible cost to our customers.
James Childers
Artemis Solutions Group